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Households Declare is a project from the Architects Climate Action Network.
ACAN was set up in 2019 to address necessary transformation of the construction industry and the impact of the existing build environment on Climate Change. ACANs three aims are; Decarbonise Now, Ecological Regeneration and Cultural Transformation. The UK has committed to net zero by 2050. With 80% of buildings that will exist in 2050 already built, to achieve the net zero target urgent action needs to be taken with our existing building stock. In just over one year ACAN has grown to several thousand members working in 8 Working Groups, of which the Existing Buildings group is one.
The ACAN Existing Buildings Working Group is launching this campaign to highlight the extent of the problem of emissions from homes, and to support anyone with an interest in how they can be part of the solution. Existing residential buildings account for 20% of UK emissions with all other public, governmental and industrial buildings only accounting for 10-14%. 
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